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UV protection agent HTUV100

Product Usage

Anti-ultraviolet finishing agent HTUV100 can be used for the efficient and long-lasting anti-ultraviolet finishing of cotton, silk, wool, polyester, nylon and their blended fabrics, improving the sun fastness of some dyes, and meeting REACH regulations and GB18401 standards.

Features Benefits

1. Ultraviolet absorber has durable ultraviolet absorption performance and ultraviolet blocking effect, and has good absorption, conversion, reflection and scattering effect on ultraviolet rays in the 180 - 400nm band.

2. Low dosage, lasting effect UPF value on properly structured textiles

3. High affinity with fiber, good thermal stability. Suitable for various processes, can block ultraviolet rays.

4. Reactive product that can be permanently linked to the fiber

5. Good product versatility Suitable for high temperature exhaustion method, padding method and coating process. Herst® UV-resistant fabrics meet the requirements of standards such as EN13758-1: 2001, EN13758-2: 2003, AS / NZS 4399: 1996, AATCC183-2004, "GB / T18830-2009 Textiles' UV-resistant Performance Evaluation" and other standards

6. Does not affect strength, moisture absorption and breathability. Soft, fresh and comfortable to wear


Anti-UV finishing agent HTUV100 can be used in padding, dipping, coating, printing and spraying. The dosage varies according to the processing procedure and the type, shape, structure, density, and processing purpose of the object to be treated. It must be tested before use.

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