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Herst is committed to providing high-quality products and services to Chinese customers with competitive prices, good customer experience and fast working methods.

About Us

In 2005, Herst established a sales center in Shanghai for the Greater China region—Shanghai Herst Chemical Co., Ltd. This center is mainly composed of three parts: customer service, sales and technical departments:

The customer service department is mainly responsible for consulting services before customers purchase products. Before users buy Herst products, our professional technicians will communicate with users. Through detailed explanation, accurate technical analysis and cost accounting, we can select the most suitable products for customers. We aim to avoid losses......


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Herst applies the principles of sustainable development to chemistry and innovation. While achieving continuous growth through its own innovation, we are committed to protecting the ecological environment and contributing to society.

Customize various functional textile solutions for you

  • Sports & Outdoor

  • Home Supplies

  • Household Underwear

  • Filter Material

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  • Shanghai

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