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Herst in China

HerstHerst global technical service center (China) was set in Shenzhen in 2002. Except the general headquarter Shenzhen, the service center has set branches in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Hongkong. Establishment of the service center is a mark that the investment item of Herst has changed from producing and selling into research and special service.

In May, 2004, the service center was brought into Herst global service system. Now it is the second largest technical service center in Herst. The core task of the center is to provide excellent solutions and service for all the customers both from China and abroad. Until now, the center has carried out several hundred items while the vanguard technology has been accorded favorable comments as well as advanced level by customers all over the world.


Shanghai Herst Chemical Co. Ltd.

HerstIn 2005, Herst set a selling center Shanghai Herst Chemical Co. Ltd., facing whole Asia to sell the products. The selling center includes client service department, selling department and technical department. The three departments communicate with each other to help the customers to get the largest value from textile finishing.


Herst lab in China

HerstHerst lab in China was set in Shanghai in Nov., 2007. It’s the first lab founded in foreign country except the general headquaters . The aim of the lab in China is to give full play to its advantages. Now, Herst lab in China has cooperated with some Chinese textile enterprises and Chinese universities in product research, finishing art and test result.


Company Goal

Herst"We selled the agents in the past, now we sell the brand."---- one of the initiator Liang Yawei

Brand is a status, a contract, a channel linked with product and consumption, a faith promised to customers. Brand is a spirit which is difficult to copy. A brand loved by everybody is a successful brand. Innovation is the life of brand. Innovation spirit is the most important a company should have.


Sense of worth

HerstHerst International Group has 4 important sense of worth which is the base of development of a company.

1. innovation and splendid

The ultimate aim of Herst International Group is innovation spirit and efficient quality.

2. Pluralism

We respect the talented person with different culture, ability and personality.

3. Environment

We try our best to coordinate the relationship of our product and the nature.

4. Good faith

According to ethics, we establish transparent and equitable relation with all interrelated people.


Sustainable development in China

HerstHerst applies the principles of sustainable development to chemistry and innovation. While achieving continuous growth through its own innovation, we are committed to protecting the ecological environment and contributing to society. We believe that a sustainable business means taking economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility into a comprehensive consideration, thereby make contributions to the lives of our next generation. Herst's sustainable development management method and unremitting efforts have been continuously recognized by stakeholders in China.


As a global leader in the innovation and development of functional materials, we not only insist on fulfilling corporate social responsibility in the fields of economy, energy, environment, etc., but also set our sights on education and the cultivation of professional talents, and use our chemical specialty advantages to establish the Herst China Scholarship to support the development of Chinese science and education and then shape a better future.

Herst explores success and makes countless innovations; our success is due to the excellent professional skills of the staff team and the ability to innovate efficient solutions. Herst conducts scientific research cooperation with more scholars, governments, enterprises and organizations in more regions. We believe that "inclusive innovation" is the way to solve the greatest challenges facing humankind. Herst is willing to work with people with lofty ideals from all walks of life in China to integrate the power of multi-faceted innovation, fulfill our long-term commitment to support the sustainable development of China's economy, and contribute to a better, safer and healthier future.

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